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A Little About Me…

Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah…

Systemiser, problem-solver and tech enthusiast. I’m a fan of brand new notebooks, organising all the things and will choose the book version over the film, every time.

Being an endless questioner and hole-poker, my most-used phrase is probably, “but why?” which is actually quite helpful when I’m deconstructing a system and searching for the best and simplest way for a process to flow.

When I’m not helping clients sort their systems & organise their operations, you’ll probably find me chasing cattle (and often a toddler) on our little patch of farm, where we’re happily experimenting with flowers and veggies on our quest to make life a little simpler and a lot slower.

Systems only work if they work for you.

I say that a lot, but I think it’s so important and bears repeating. I like nothing better than getting under the hood of your business and understanding what makes it and you tick. Because there’s not one copy/paste blueprint for systems success I can give you.

Every person and business is different. Your vision, your goals, your priorities, how you do your best work….. we need to consider each one of those factors to design a set of systems and processes that works perfectly for YOU and your business.

I know the idea of systems & processes can sometimes seem intimidating, but honestly, I promise it doesn’t need to be.

Systems don’t have to mean overly- complicated tools, impersonal automations or pages of technical procedure. The emphasis is on how you do things not what tool you use and once you get that right, you’re golden.  

It’s about finding a simple, repeatable flow for the key activities in your business that makes life easier for you and your clients, giving you the structure and space you need to grow a successful, sustainable business.


I don’t even know where to start with my praise for Sarah. She has repeatedly helped me pull my tangled thoughts from my mind, and put them into a cohesive, manageable task list.

She has an uncanny way to say the right thing, ask the right questions, and pull you out of your own way when you need to get moving. The way Sarah presented the tasks back to me, was a weight off my shoulders. It made sense in a new way.

Every time I bring a new project to Sarah, she saves me hours and hours of work, with her unique way of approaching any task. Somehow Sarah pulls the focus STRAIGHT to your main point, doesn’t matter if you said it or not, she will pick the main points. I would highly recommend her to anyone! – If you are stuck in any way – Sarah will get you unstuck!

Malene Fuglsig

Hygge & Business Coach, Intentional Leadership Expert , Malene

So, what’s my story…?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been “the systems person”… and that goes back to my very first summer job in a solicitor’s office when the “system” was a rusty old filing cabinet! 

Since then, I’ve spent more than 25 years working behind the scenes of business both offline and on, as an accountant, operations manager, admin specialist and customer service pro. Which taught me an awful lot about the inner workings of business, the systems & processes that make things hum and how to structure and streamline to create some vital space in your business.

It also gave me a great grounding in logic and process, simplifying the complicated and spotting the details that others may not – all of which come in very handy in the work I do now with my clients. 

“Less, but better…”

(Dieter Rams)

Running a business can feel like a whirlwind, as you’re pulled every which way by all the “shoulds” and “must-dos.” Which is why I want to make your life easier.  I’m a firm believer that simplicity is key and with my help you’ll have room to breathe, time to think and the firm operational foundation to support a sustainable, profitable business.

Thank you for your help, you were a pleasure to work with. You made it possible for me to enjoy my daughter’s 13th birthday and make special memories this week instead of stressing about spreadsheets.

Breda Marron

Sculptor | Painter | Artist, Breda

Got Questions? Let’s Chat!

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