A Little About Me….

Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah…

Problem-solver, logophile, INTJ and fan of all things planning & organisation. I love fresh new notebooks, uninterrupted reading time (ah, those were the days!) getting outside and asking “is there a simpler way to do that?”

I’ve spent more than 25 years working with businesses of all shapes & sizes, both offline and on, as an accountant, office & operations manager, customer service specialist and marketing support professional.

Which taught me a lot about the inner workings of business, how to connect with your customers and the systems & processes that make things flow.

I believe in balance, simplicity and marketing your business in a way that feels good to you. And I believe that combination will always get you the best results.


I found working with Sarah amazing! It was a great sense of relief to have someone else on my team who genuinely had my interests at heart. To have Sarah’s vast and organised knowledge of what to do and how to move forward was very refreshing and certainly an excellent help in my business moving forward.

What stood out most are Sarah’s organisational skills, her clever ideas and Sarah’s ability to see things in a different light. Sarah is diligent, productive and systematic, she is also honest, trustworthy and such a delight to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Rachel Dubber

Artist & Designer, racheldubber.com

“Less, but better…”

(Dieter Rams)

Staying consistent and connected with your marketing can feel like a whirlwind, as you’re pulled every which way by all the “shoulds” and “must-dos.” I’m a firm believer that simplicity is key, and I’ll help you find your marketing flow, giving you room to breathe and space to think all while strengthening your brand and moving your business along your own personal path to success.

I don’t even know where to start with my praise for Sarah. She has repeatedly helped me pull my tangled thoughts from my mind, and put them into a cohesive, manageable task list.

She has an uncanny way to say the right thing, ask the right questions, and pull you out of your own way when you need to get moving. The way Sarah presented the tasks back to me, was a weight off my shoulders. It made sense in a new way.

Every time I bring a new project to Sarah, she saves me hours and hours of work, with her unique way of approaching any task. Somehow Sarah pulls the focus STRAIGHT to your main point, doesn’t matter if you said it or not, she will pick the main points. I would highly recommend her to anyone! – If you are stuck in any way – Sarah will get you unstuck!

Malene Fuglsig

Intentional Leadership Coach, malenefuglsig.com

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