Systems & Simplification for Online Business

Systems designed with your business in mind

You’ve worked hard to build a business that you’re truly proud of and things have really taken off. Your days are busier than ever, with an increasingly full client roster and so many ideas & plans for the future.

But it’s all feeling a bit frantic and much harder work than it should be. Your workflow is inconsistent – it’s affecting your creativity, energy and bottom line. And you never get the chance to put any of those amazing ideas into action.

You’re firmly stuck in “doing” mode, and everything’s a priority. This level of busy is not sustainable, but the Catch-22 is you never have time to do anything about it.

What if you could have more time, energy, space and consistency, along with:

➢ Less on your plate, but better results?
➢ An exceptional client experience
➢ Organised operations & systems that work for *you*?

➢ A sustainable way to grow and scale your business?

That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you streamline and structure the back end of your business with simple systems and polished processes designed to reclaim your time, support your sustainable growth and future-proof your business.

You might need my help if:

  •  If it’s not urgent, it’s not happening. You never get the chance to work on those projects you know would really make the difference, so they keep getting shoved to the bottom of the list.
  • You’re feeling frazzled and frustrated because, for the amount of work you’re putting in, it really feels like you should be seeing better results.
  • You haven’t got the capacity or mental bandwidth for new projects and you’re missing out on opportunities for growth and revenue.
  • Your business is all in your head. There’s no structure or process and it’s killing your consistency, zapping your focus and making everything feel a bit like wading through treacle.
  • You know there’s a simpler, easier way to do the day-to-day of your business, and you’d like some help to discover *your* version of that.

So how can we work together?


A 60-minute 1:1 session to tackle your biggest process headache or systems sticking point. You’ll go away with clarity, focus and practical recommendations to organise and streamline your business.


A tailored combination of systems strategy and implementation to build the systemised framework and operational foundation you need to grow a sustainable, profitable business.

Working With Me Means

  • Calm, clarity & consistency in your business, with maximum possibility for exercising your creativity & doing the work you actually want to do
  • Having the time, space and energy to put all the care and attention you want into your business without stretching yourself to snapping point.
  • A business that’s positioned for steady growth & sustainable success, supported by a firm framework of organised operations and streamlined systems.
  • The freedom & peace of mind to step off the hamster wheel of day-to-day doing and do….whatever the heck you want!

I found working with Sarah amazing! To have her vast and organised knowledge of what to do and how to move forward was very refreshing and certainly an excellent help in my business moving forward.

What stood out most are Sarah’s organisational skills, her clever ideas and Sarah’s ability to see things in a different light.

Sarah is diligent, productive and systematic, she is also honest, trustworthy and such a delight to work with. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Rachel Dubber

Contemporary Irish Animal Artist, Gift & Homeware Designer,

Hiring Sarah for my business was one of the best decisions I made. Sarah has a unique talent for asking the right questions and clearing the fog that often takes over your mind.

I would highly recommend Sarah to help you turn the dial in your business and set you on the right path for success (and your head hurts less!)

Carmel Seery

Online Management Accountant | Consultant | Business Mentor, Carmel

Want to Find Out More?

If you’d like to know more about how I can help create the space, structure and systems you need to simplify your business and scale successfully, then let’s have a chat.

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