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You’re Very Welcome…


Thank you for choosing to work with me…

I’m delighted you’re here.

This page is a quick intro to my business and how I operate. You’ll find information on business hours, turnaround times, communication and services provided.

You’ll also learn what to expect from me and in turn, what you can do to ensure I can deliver the highest level of service to you.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at:

How I Work…



My core “office hours” are Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 2.00 pm (IST/GMT). However, my business was built with flexibility in mind (for me and my clients!) so this may vary slightly from day to day.

I don’t work weekends, evenings or on Irish public/bank holidays. The company also shuts down for 3 weeks from mid-December for Christmas break and usually for a similar period during the summer.

It’s incredibly important to me that you feel fully supported before I switch on my out-of-office, so rest assured I’ll always let you know well in advance before I take time off.


To keep things streamlined and clear, we’ll agree our preferred method of communication during your kick-off call (Slack, email or via your project management tool) and then stick to that.

I don’t use text messages, WhatsApp, or any direct messaging via social media for business communication. Honestly – experience has taught me this gets too confusing.

I’ll always do my best to respond to your messages within 24 business hours


For the first few weeks at least, I recommend a weekly check-in call to keep us on track (15-30 mins). We’ll schedule a mutually convenient day/time for this on our kick-off call.

As we settle into the groove of working together, it may make sense to decrease these calls to twice-monthly, depending on what’s happening in your business at the time.

We’ll also schedule longer monthly strategy/planning calls (60 mins). These allow us to review how things are going and set the priorities for the upcoming month.

I understand that the unexpected happens and things do crop up, but if possible, please give me a minimum of 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel a meeting we’ve scheduled.


I do my very best work with clients when we operate in a world of proactivity & planning ahead. That said, life happens, and I completely understand that urgent same-day requests can crop up occasionally, so will always do my best to accommodate you if I can.

I’ll check your project management system/assigned inbox at least once a day (sometimes more) and deadlines help me know what’s highest priority.

My standard response time to acknowledge tasks is 24 hours (Monday to Friday). I often respond more quickly, but 24 hours works as the best guideline.

This buffer gives us the opportunity to plan in the appropriate amount of time around other deadlines you set as well as my other client commitments.

Your Business Management Package 

Your monthly business management package guarantees my availability for a set number of hours each month, so I can support you to the best of my abilities. This means that unused hours do not roll over at the end of the month, nor are they refundable.

But you can adjust the number of hours in your package (assuming I have capacity available) with 14-days advance written notice.
(Just pop me an email at:

Your package will be invoiced in advance each month. Full payment for the month is due before work commences each period.

To ensure I can continue to provide the highest quality of service and support (and not turn into a cranky, overworked harridan), we’ll do our best to plan our work, so that the hours are spread pretty evenly throughout the month.

As a general rule, no more than one-third of your total package hours can be used in the last week of the monthly package period. (With agreed exceptions where necessary for launches, events or other especially busy periods.)


I’m here to support your business with business management, strategic planning and support by:

Determining where your business is versus where you want it to be (and what we can change to bridge that gap.)

– Providing ongoing business management & support. I schedule dedicated chunks of time throughout the week to work on your business, using time blocking to remain focused, effective & efficient.

Checking your dedicated inbox/project management system at least once a day.

– Having weekly/fortnightly check-ins and monthly strategy/planning sessions with you to ensure we’re purposeful, proactive and intentionally building momentum in your business.


There are some services outside of my zone of competence and/or genius, or that I just don’t offer.

These include:

Web design & development, high-level accountancy, graphics & design, community management, social media engagement and copy and content writing.

Asking me to do those things isn’t a good use of my time or your investment. Let me find a dedicated expert to help us instead.

That said, do please always ask for support when you need it. I’m here to lend you my brain, experience and expertise, and help wherever possible. If I can’t step up because it’s not my zone of genius, I may very well know someone who can. It’s always worth asking.

Feedback/Concerns/Questions & More…

If at any point in our working relationship you are unhappy or have any questions or concerns about my services, please let me know. Set up a call with me or send me a message to, and I will do my utmost to sort things out.

I do my very best to provide the highest level of service possible to my clients and am always happy to address any concerns that come up and discuss with you how I can improve or modify things.

I would much prefer that you share any issues you’re experiencing and give me the chance to resolve them rather than leaving our relationship dissatisfied.

I’m here to make your life easier! 🙂

That’s a Wrap!

And that’s pretty much it! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I’m looking forward to getting started.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please email me at