60-Minute, 1 : 1 STRATEGY call

Clarity Session

You’re feeling scattered, frazzled & frustrated… and more than a little stuck.

Maybe you’ve got a brilliant idea, but you’re struggling to get it into action. Or you’ve got too many ideas and you don’t know which to focus on first or where to start.

Perhaps you’re pondering on a decision for your business, and you’d really like a second opinion/sounding board/voice of reason* (*delete as applicable : ) ) to help you think it through?

Or maybe you can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but you’re feeling snowed under and overwhelmed and would really like someone to help you organise your thoughts and clear the path ahead for you.

In this one hour, one to one session, let’s clear the clutter, unpick the knots and get you unstuck.

How Does It Work?

  • I’ll ask you to fill in a quick form with a few simple questions, so I can get a sense of where you’re at.  A heads up – problem solving and brainstorming are top of my “favourite things to do” list and I love a challenge. But if I don’t think I’m the right fit to help you, I’ll let you know straight away, and I’ll do my best to connect you with the perfect person who can.
  • We’ll meet via video call for a one-hour session, to review where you are, untangle what’s keeping you stuck and identify 2 or 3 key areas for you to focus on that will get you moving forward with purpose again.
  • After the call I’ll send you a summary of our session, together with your key action steps and any relevant resources & recommendations I think will help.